3 Hour Comprehensive Course


Federal Government Employees have some of the very best retirement benefits available today. Unfortunately however, due to the sheer size of the workforce compared to the very limited capacity of the Human Resource departments, most employees were NEVER provided adequate training on how all of their retirement benefits actually work! Confusion, frustration, and lack of clarity are commonplace.

Now Federal Employees can attend a local Comprehensive workshop that is designed to explain their benefits in greater detail, yet still easy to understand format. The Comprehensive class includes the material from all 4 Lunch N Learn classes. Our instructors have delivered more than 500 workshops for federal employees in the last 5 years. After attending the workshops most employees will have a much clearer picture of their own benefits today and for retirement planning purposes. Consequently decisions regarding Survivor Benefits, Thrift Savings Plan, Federal Life Insurance, Social Security, and Medicare can be made with more confidence knowing how it will affect the employees’ retirement needs.

Some of the very critical topics to be taught in the Comprehensive class include:

* Retirement Eligibility                                                                                            

* Survivor Benefits                                     

* Thrift Savings Plan

* Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

* Federal Employee Health Benefits

* Social Security Benefits and Medicare


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