Federal Retirement Benefits Webinars:

Federal Employees can attend online workshops that are designed to explain their benefits in greater detail, yet still easy to understand format. While our webinars are only a few years old, our instructors have delivered thousands of federal benefit workshops nationally for federal employees over the last 25 years.

Webinars are generally inclusive of all federal departments as topics are discussed but can be made exclusive if requested. If you are inquiring scheduling an exclusive training for your department, we would love to host a session. Contact us to discuss arranging an event!

Training Webinars are 90 minutes

Topics Discussed During a Federal Benefits Workshop/Webinar Include:

1) How Much Money You Need to Retire

2) FERS Retirement Annuity, Survivor Benefits

3) Thrift Savings Plan and income

4) Military Buy-Back

5) Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

6) Social Security Benefits & Medicare


*3% of U.S. Federal Employees are still CSRS. If you fall into this category, contact us and we can provide available resources tailored to assist you!

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